[KimDaBa] Next release one week, then what?!

MartinHöller martin at xss.co.at
Wed May 11 16:44:06 CEST 2005

On 08 May 2005, Jesper K. Pedersen wrote:

> | - Sort selected images by other criteria than date/time, e.g. by path,
> | filename, or even some EXIF data. Eg, when I modify an image dsc_1234.jpg,
> | I store it usually under names like dsc_1234_bw1.jpg or similar. Sorting
> | the images by filename would make it easy to have all related images in
> | sequence.
> If you let the label of the image be the same as the filename (default), then 
> you may use the label to do such searches.

Another scenario: I've got pictures in a folder where part of them are
rotated and others are not. due to broken applications the rotated ones
lack exif information and I set the date information manually to the same
date as the other pictures in this folder but I didn't set the time
information as I could only guess it.

Having this folder sorted by date/time gives me the ones with no time
information first. Having the possibility to sort by filename I could get
all the pictures to the right order as they are named dscf0001.jpg,
dscf000.jpg, and so on.

Would be a nice feature!

- martin

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