[KimDaBa] Kimdaba 2.1 feedback

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Wed May 11 11:38:30 CEST 2005

On Wednesday 11 May 2005 10:05, Vincent Picavet wrote:
| Hi !
| I installed Kimdaba 2.1 yesterday with the debian package found here :
| http://www-gsi.dec.usc.es/~dave/projects/kimdaba/kipi.html
| After a quick tour of this new version, I have some remarks and
| suggestion of improvement.
First, WHY THE FUCK did you not report all these comments when I was begging 
for feedback month ago? Back then I could easily have adjusted things, now I 
is much more troublesome, and other users might get used to how it works now, 
and we would annoy them when changing things.

| o Loading dates from EXIF informations does not work. I don't know why.
| EXIF informations are OK in my pictures (seen with GQview). I followed
| the steps indicated on the dialog box alerting me that my images were
| not sorted. But without result.
| When using the plugin "adjust datime" to set the file time and date to
| the EXIF timedate, it works.
adjust datetime does nothing but fixing times in the database, so it must 
already have been read in.

How exactly did you try to get the exif info read? Using Maintanence->Read 
EXIF From file?

Are you having kdeutils installed? That is where kimdaba gets its exif reading 
utility from.

| o Displaying thumbnails is quicker and more convenient than with version
| 2.0

| o search by date is not synchronized with datebar. When doing a search
| with the search by date dialog window, I expected it to set a selection
| in the datebar, but it is not the case. It is quite confusing, since it
| gives the users two different ways of restricting dates which do not
| have the same result.
Completely true, after I implemented the datebar, I neglected working on the 
search for date thingy. I'm seriously considering throwing it out. Why would 
you use that at all anymore, now we have the datebar?

| o The datebar
| - The datebar is useful and convenient, but could still be improved,
| - Most annoying thing with it : choose a selection in the datebar,
| display the thumbnails of this selection, for example one hundred
| pictures. Now if you click on the datebar in the blank area, no more
| date restriction is active, and every pictures are displayed as
| thumbnails, 
That a feature not a bug, that is how you zoom out from a selection, how would 
you otherwise implement that?

| and the application freezes for a long time. 
It does? What is a long time with your standards?

| - The french translation of the dates at the bottom is wrong :
| "<date> de <date> <x> images" should be :
| "<date> à <date> : <x> images"
Please tell the translation team rather than the list. You should find 
information about this in the about dialog.

| - what is this red square around the bar for and why is it sometimes
| yellow ? I could not manage to find its utility.
That indicate the current picture (actually the picture at the top of the view 
I think). It is red when it has focus (now you can use the keyboard to move 

| - double clicking on a bar could set the selection to this, and zoom to
| the considered period in the datebar.
I'm not sure I understand what you want here. What do you mean by "this" ?

| - I restricted the dates with the datebar, displayed the thumbnails and
| then scrolled down with the mouse wheel. When doing this, I scrolled the
| thumbnail window down, but the datebar scrolled from right to left
| meanwhile. The same when I scrolled up just after.
Thats because the datebar has focus. Move the cursor to the image window when 

| - It lacks a "unselect" button to have an intuitive way of unrestricting
| the time period.
Where do you want that button, and what do you want it to look like. 
Personally I prefer clicking in the databar outside the selected range.

| o kimdaba survey lacks some translations.
Please tell the translators.

| To send results, it searches 
| for kmail by default, and does not propose to use another mail software
| if kmail is not available..
I use kapp->invokeMailer, I dont know what that does if it doesn't find KMail. 
This is the standard way for this. If you consider its behavior buggy, please 
report for KApplication.

| o I experienced one segfault, unreproduceable for the moment.
Lemme know if you can reproduce it, and if possible send me a back trace.

| o One thought : Why not organizing a contest for a new splashscreen ?
Why would I spent time on that? I like the hand with sugar. Keeping it might 
even help kimdaba get better known.

| Having an option to disable it would be cool as well.
Why would you want that?

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