[KimDaBa] Next release one week, then what?!

Nicolas M. Thiery nthiery at users.sf.net
Mon May 9 16:30:10 CEST 2005

> > | 4) Complete Gallery synchronisation. Being able to synchronise
> > kimdaba| and gallery in both ways would be great : adding new comments
> > to kimdaba| and upload them to gallery, adding new comments to online
> > Gallery and| updates them to kimdaba would be very cool !
> > Cool yes, but just the though of parsing HTML doesn't exactly thrill
> > me.
> I don't know the gallery remote access protocol, but there may be a
> way of getting those informations without parsing the HTML code !
> Or perhaps another web gallery software give this opportunity.
> (coppermine ?).

Gallery stores the album information in files in PHP serialized
form. It's very easy to access it from a perl script using
PHP::Serialization. In fact, I was starting to use this to tweak my
own gallery to my needs when I discovered kimdaba, which fully
deprecated my little hacks :-)

To make it short: what you want to achieve can probably be done
relatively easily with a perl script using an appropriate combination
of Image::Kimdaba and PHP::Serialization. I guess python would do as

Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!
Nicolas M. Thiéry "Isil" <nthiery at users.sf.net>

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