[KimDaBa] Next release one week, then what?!

havoc havoc at harrisdev.com
Sun May 8 09:38:22 CEST 2005

> | 2) Being able to quickly display a color histogram of an image (the one
> | in digikam is great)
> KimDaBa is really not an image editor.

maybe you should put a note to that effect in the start-up screen, to 
keep people from getting confused.

> | Another quick and simple thing would be to be able to load separate
> | databases. I therefore have two or three batches of photos which have
> | absolutely nothing in common and it would therefore be convenient to be
> | able to split them completely.
> I dont see why you would not have them in one database. And if they have 
> absolutely nothing to do with each other, why would you want to access them 
> at the same time. It is possible to load a new database from the command line 
> using kimdaba -c <path-to-index.xml-file>
> Adding the possibility to load a new database to the menu would of course be a 
> good idea.

Yes, being able to change databases without having to exit would be nice.

> | 4) Complete Gallery synchronisation. Being able to synchronise kimdaba
> | and gallery in both ways would be great : adding new comments to kimdaba
> | and upload them to gallery, adding new comments to online Gallery and
> | updates them to kimdaba would be very cool !
> Cool yes, but just the though of parsing HTML doesn't exactly thrill me.

A sufficiently ingenious hack should be able to create a [pick your 
poison] Perl program to parse the index.xml and do the appropriate 
updates to any number of online gallery systems. Jesper has already 
provided the information in a nice, clean XML format. Feel free to mung 
it as you please.

> | 7) some few things already evoked and perhaps in the CVS version :
> | * hitting "back" goes to the same place in the list we were before (no
> | need to rescroll down)
> that sounds so much more easy than it is :-/

Unfortunately, this becomes a real usability burden when you're looking 
for specific images in the KImageDatabase (hint, hint), but not sure 
what it is that you're looking for.

Thought: could you create a "breadcrumbs" array that you would then be 
able to backtrack on, and use that data for courser position/screen 
location? If you knew the previous keyword (token, whatever) that had 
been clicked on, it might be possible to center that keyword (token, 
etc) when using the "back" button. ?

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