[KimDaBa] Re: Re: Next release one week, then what?!

Franz Graf franz.graf at gmx.net
Sun May 8 17:13:18 CEST 2005

> | - Dynamic searches (this was already mentioned some while ago): search is
> | defined as usual, and search criteria then be stored under a name and
> | later re-applied.
> Besides looking cool, can you come up with a single usecase for this? I've
> for one never used it in KMail, and couldn't think of one good reason to do
> so.
Eg - if my suggestion of numerical searches would be implemented - I could 
store a search for "chainage>=1221 and chainage <=1835" as "Design-section 
1", without remembering (!) and re-typing the criteria.

> | - Sort selected images by other criteria than date/time, e.g. by path,
> | filename, or even some EXIF data. Eg, when I modify an image
> | dsc_1234.jpg, I store it usually under names like dsc_1234_bw1.jpg or
> | similar. Sorting the images by filename would make it easy to have all
> | related images in sequence.
> If you let the label of the image be the same as the filename (default),
> then you may use the label to do such searches.
Yes, if I know that similarly named images are present I can search for them 
by label. However, browsing through images sorted by filename would make 
finding such images and assigning identical properties to them much easier.


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