[KimDaBa] Future of KimDaBa

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Sun May 8 16:17:56 CEST 2005

OK, in a sec I will press the send button for this email, and you will see 
answers to the last three weeks of KimDaBa mails I haven't got a time to 

Here is an executive summery.

For KimDaBa 2.2 I plan these two major features:

plugable backends.
Basically I got started on this simply because I wanted to move configurations 
out of the xml file, so say resizing the window doesn't require you to save 
the XML file.

I've had this on my wishlist for a long time, for several other reasons:
1) It kills me to hear about people with say 20.000 images for whom kimdaba 
takes more than 1 minute to start.
2) I'd like kimdaba to be a system service, where your images may 
automatically land in kimdaba if you scan them in (I dont know what that 
would take, and it is not going to be in 2.2 either, but a prerequirement for 
this is that kimdaba starts fast). This also means that I will try and make 
kimdaba start even faster in other ways

One very important fact about all this is that kimdaba will allow multiple 
different file formats, so anyone starting with kimdaba do not have to 
install a lot of things, it will simply use XML. Later you can convert from 
one backend to the other.

Improved offline mode
I think I mentioned this earlier on. What this basically requires is that 
kimdaba uses the thumbnail standard, where thumbnails are stored in 

Still to be considered improved EXIF support.


Having trouble finding a given image in your collection containing
thousands of images?

http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba might be the answer.

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