[KimDaBa] another feature request

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Fri May 6 21:32:15 CEST 2005

On Friday 06 May 2005 20:22, William Holland wrote:
| Hi Jesper,
| I don't mean to be a bore here, but I would worry about these.
| 1) if I am always prompted for missing images I will get irritated.  When
| would you prompt? When I try and view an image or when I view a thumbnail?
| If you do this, can you remember the path, and not prompt for other images
| in this directory.  Also (as I'm sure you will) make it configurable, so I
| can switch off prompting, or 'force' a refresh.
No no, you are only prompted at the time where you try to view the actual 
image. You will even see in the thumbnail view that the image isn't on disk, 
and can act before you try viewing it.

| 2) The other ideas that have been suggested are much more powerful than
| this... I would like some configuration possiblities other than
| ~/.thumbnails I keep my images in a separate mount (/mnt/photoarchive) and
| I would like to end up with /mnt/photoarchive/Originals
| /mnt/photoarchive/monitorres (my smaller images that I generate) and
| /mnt/photoarchive/thumbnails.  This would mean that Eivind's suggestion
| covers what you suggest ($HOME/.thumbnails/) as well as the flexibility
| that everyone else requires.
| (as I mentioned in an earlier posting I would still be keen for kimdaba to
| support different views, of which thumbnails would be one, but I won't go
| on about that)
I'm out of context here, and can't really answer it now. I'll try to catch up 
with my email over the weekend.

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