[KimDaBa] another feature request

Eivind ekj at zet.no
Fri May 6 19:48:54 CEST 2005

On Friday 06 May 2005 17:14, havoc wrote:
> Eivind wrote:
> > At work we've hacked it with symlinks (pointing the xml-file aswell as

> Okay, big question: Who do you work for, and what do you (and your
> company) do?

At the moment I'm primarily taking care of my son (Magnus, 8 months), but 
in this case I was refering to a web-developer company I'm doing freelance 

What we do is, mostly, helping companies making various variants of online 
shops. This generally involves having pictures of lots of stuff, often 
including the products to be sold.

Kimdaba is primarily useful for the early stages of development, when you 
need to quickkly whip-up an example of how something migth look like and 
want to find suitable pictures for the example.

Most of the pictures are taken by us. Some are bougth standard-pictures 
that originally came on DVDs from picture-agencies.

I've also used Kimdaba for the picture-archive of a student-newspaper, 
dunno if that counts as "work". :-)

	Eivind Kjørstad

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