[KimDaBa] Feature suggestion - Add "artist/photographer" alongside location, people, and categories.

SSokolow from_kimdaba_list at ssokolow.com
Sun Jul 24 01:49:20 CEST 2005

I use Kimdaba to organize anime/manga fan art which I download from the 
internet and it suits my purposes with the exception of one feature 
which I think would be useful for everyone at least once...

Why not add the ability to specify artist/photographer in much the same 
way you specify location, people, and categories?

It would definitely make Kimdaba more useful in a business environment 
or to anyone who collects digital art.

I'd suggest making it a drop-down box to save space, but then someone 
would probably complain when they indexed an image which was drawn by 
one person and colorized by another.

Stephan Sokolow
SSokolow.com Webmaster

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