[KimDaBa] little warning : pictures are not sorted

manouchk manouchk at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 01:30:09 CEST 2005


everytime I start kimdaba there is a warning : pictures are not sorted. It 
means navigating using the date bar won't work optimally (It's an almost 
literal traduction of the warning which is in french)....

see snapshot

It the suggest me to run "the images with uncomplete dates"

it shows me 4 possibilities

I run the 4 options, only one gives some results :

Vous pouvez voir ici les changements de date pour les images affichées.
existing = mer avr 26 2000 00:00:00
new..... = mer avr 26 2000 14:02:56
existing = mar jun 6 2000 00:00:00
new..... = mar jun 6 2000 05:15:58

It seems to modify the time of the pictures (? don't know exactly what it 
Then I do select all images and run read exif informations as suggested

and I select all images and run sort selected images by date an hours and a 
pop-up window with warning  appears
In french
Vous souhaitez trier une série d'images entre d'autres images. 
Cela risque de créer un ordre de tri non attendu
Voulez-vous vraiment continuer ?

in english it gives
You want to sort a serie of pictures among others. This may create an order of 
sorting non expected. I did backup my index.xml and run it.

Then I restart and there is still the "pictures are not sorted" warning.

I think I missed something?


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