[KimDaBa] I'm giving up on the SQL backend - unless you can help one way or the other

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Jul 18 21:29:46 CEST 2005

For many month I've been working on making it possible to use a SQL backend 
for kimdaba. This has changed from being fun to being something which is 
dragging energy out of me.

In Danish we have a saying that at some point you gotta stop putting good 
money into saving bad money. Which is the point I've reached now. This is the 
point where I either stop with this now, or KimDaBa will likely not survive.

For me kimdaba is about fun programming, kimdaba *must* be something I long to 
do when I'm at my daytime job programming, otherwise I could just as well do 
overtime at my daytime job.

If you think this is important enough for you as a kimdaba user, there are two 
things you can do:

1) take over the SQL backend stuff. I've made a LOT of changes to kimdaba 
overall, so it now is more appropriate for plugin in a new backend, so a SQL 
backend would be possible to finish without touching too much of the rest of 
kimdaba. (Yes I will be as paranoid about someone touching the core kimdaba 
code as always, but you would get free hand in the SQL backend part, and I 
would prioritize any patches from you to the rest of kimdaba to get things 
working in the backend.)

2) you can make this into a day time job for me - well I'm not going to quit 
my day time job, but getting money from kimdaba developing in the evenings 
would nevertheless be a motivating factor. If you are interested in this 
option write me a personal email, and we may discuss conditions.

Kind regards
Jesper (Who will continue working on kimdaba for many years to come one way or 
the other ;-)

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