[KimDaBa] a little bug and ask for a howto...

choubs choubs at free.fr
Sun Jun 27 15:37:26 CEST 2004

hi Jesper, hi all
i've noticed a little bug in Kimdaba.
I had some immages stored in a directory named 1999T1.

the bug: the images located in this directory have been duplicated in
Kimdaba database, as stored in 1999t1 and 199T1 directory. Files are unique
and checksum are alike in the database !

However, i renamed the directory "1999", and now the duplicated images
appears in the "display images not on disk" feature, and it seems not
possible to clean them. 
How can i get rid of this situation, and clean kimdaba database from the
"images not on disk" datas ?

Thx in advance & have good beers at Linux tag...

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