[KimDaBa] time stamps on images in CVS HEAD

Jesper K. Pedersen blackie at blackie.dk
Mon Jun 14 11:23:18 CEST 2004

On Monday 07 June 2004 22:15, Rafael Beccar wrote:
| El Monday 07 June 2004 13:55, Jesper K. Pedersen escribió:
| > Always compile KIPI first, when compiling kimdaba.
| > KIPI changes more or less daily.
| >
| > Cheers
| > Jesper.
| Yes, I forgot to compile KIPI this time, I compiled Kimdaba successfully
| after compiling KIPI. Now, the comments I wanted to make:
| 1) According to http://ktown.kde.org/kimdaba/kipi.html, the Calendar
| Plugin is supposed to work. However, I can't get it to make a calendar
| because I can't put any pictures into it.
| 	Every time I want to drag and drop a picture into the calendar or to
| select some picture left clicking on the month I get the following
| (when running Kimdaba from command line):
| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
|------- kimdaba: ERROR: ERROR 3: couldn't create slave : Unable to create
| io-slave:
| klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'digikamthumbnail'.
| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
This was resolved with last nights changes.

| 2) I have the problem with the time stamp you mentioned, but it wasn't
| solved at least for the existing pictures (I haven't tried with new
| pictures yet). I tried using "Tools - > Maintenance -> Read time info
| from files" but some pictures still have repetead time stamps.
and you are sure that the time info reread from file are not wrong in the 
first place.

| 3) Some time ago a patch to read Exif information from files has been
| provided by Marco Caldarelli. I think this is a very useful feature to
| re-read the date info, Is it going to be implemented in the future?
We are still fighting to get his patches working, for reasons I do not 
understand, the patches always corrupt my code...

| 4) KIPI is a great work that provide great features for Kimdaba and
| other KDE applications, and it also seems to be stable.
Its getting better, I hope to start releasing snapshots of it soon.

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